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Winterizing Your Golf Clubs

With the start of cold weather upon us, we all dread the inevitable, the End of the Golf Season.

I've always hated putting my clubs away, and have always wondered how to break that depression.

Of course, one way to beat the golfing blues is to schedule a winter trip to a warm place. Go on a cruise and schedule 2 rounds of golf. Or go away with friends to Myrtle Beach, or Florida, or choose one of the various golf outings listed in various golf magazines.

Replacing Your Golf Grips

But for those of us who can't spare the time (or the cash), one winterizing tip I would give is to make sure that you "re-grip" all of your clubs at the end of the season.


  • Because at the beginning of next season, you may be so charged up to play that you will forget to do it. Winterizing your clubs prior to putting them away ensures your clubs will be good to go when you take them out in the spring.

  • Plus, new grips are an integral part of the "feel" process of the game. The grips provide shock absorption, which reduces stress on the tendons in the forearm.

  • New grips also provide maximum energy transfer. A golfer does not have to tighten his grip, his forearm muscles remain relaxed and the fluidity of his swing is not reduced. Tense muscles are slow muscles, while loose muscles provide the most significant fluidity and range of motion.

Keep your grips new and fresh, and your swing will never suffer, and your scores will reflect this advantage.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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