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The Truth Behind Pro Golf Balls

Is a pro golf ball different from the average golf ball? This is an age-old myth. You can find testimony on both sides saying that a pro golf ball has been tampered with and is, in some way, better.

Consider the Golf Ball Facts

From a scientific point of view, the machinery that makes golf balls costs millions. Why would golf ball manufacturers buy and implement two different sets of machinery to make golf balls? Why would manufacturers want the pros (who incidentally get their golf balls for free) to succeed and have the average golfer not enjoy and reap whatever benefit that the ball's design offers?

The general public makes up 90% of the annual profit for golf ball manufacturers. It doesn't seem like the smartest marketing scheme to hamper the weekly golfer and promote the pros. With their perfect swing tempos and added swing speed, pros can utilize any golf ball, even a ball with an inferior design, and send it 300 yards or better.

Plus distance isn't everything, even to a pro. Accuracy, and how the ball rolls off the putter blade is essential to a pro's scoring consistency.

The Secret to the Pro Golf Ball

Having had inside information from executives that have toured facilities that make golf balls, I can assure you all that ALL golf balls are constructed in the same way and with the SAME equipment.

Where the balls differ is simple. After the balls have been all designed, the manufacturers implement one additional step for the pros. They basically spin the ball at high frequency and the result is that the ball centers itself on its equator.

The name is then placed on the geographical center of the ball, so that the pro knows where the exact point of the middle is, a feature which he applies to his putting. Rarely is found a pro golfer who doesn't set the name of his ball down on his target line.

And that gives you the reason why.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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