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Playing Smarter Golf

Typically the area of improvement that most average golfers need to work on is their mental game. Most average golfers simply go to the golf course and play each hole like it was the first time they had been there without actually "mapping out a strategy".

Having a mental plan prior to going out to play a round of golf can easily be achieved even by golfers with average talent.

Using the 3 Wood

The average golfer uses his or her driver on every hole whether the hole requires the use of a driver or not. Most holes that are less than 380 yards (and this constitutes the majority of holes) should be played without the risk of losing a tee shot.

A long tee shot is a high risk, so holes that can be reached by using a 3 wood should always be played that way. A 3 wood has an increased loft. This creates more backspin on the golf ball and that backspin reduces sidespin, eliminating the possibility of slicing or hooking into the woods.

Making Up for Lost Yardage

A 3 wood usually goes on average about 25 yards shorter than a driver for the average golfer, but the 3 wood hits about 30% more fairways.

Playing with a 3 wood on holes that are 380 yards or less leaves the golfer with a second shot of 150 yards or less. This is a high percentage yardage, and gives the average golfer a better chance at hitting more greens. In contrast, using a driver on every hole enhances the possibility of slicing into the woods, or losing a ball and producing a double bogey or worse.

Sticking to the Game Plan

My best advice would be look at the card and decide before you play your round that you will be committed to using a 3 wood on the shorter par four holes in order to hit more fairways. Mark the card with pencil marks signifying the holes that you will play with the safer tee shot and stick to YOUR game plan.

Play golf,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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