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Mental Golf Tips

Most golfers think of golf and how to succeed at it with a reverse mentality than I actually think they should have. We all think and speak about the "Tee to Green" phenomenon. When, in fact, we should sit and think of our game as "Green to Tee". So exactly what do I mean by this?

Picture a Six Foot Crater

If the hole on a green was a six foot crater, I guarantee that most golfers would be more mentally relaxed while on the tee, probably even downright confident that their iron shots from the fairway would find the hole.

Even missed second shots wouldn't be an issue, because invariably the golfer would think that he can chip it into the crater for birdie.

Growing the Hole

This is the mental attitude we need to carry with us. But how do we achieve this?

By practicing six foot putts over and over again, until we get to a point where we make the majority of them. When I know that I'm almost a guarantee from six feet and inside, then the hole grows. When the hole grows, my second shots to a green become more relaxed, my chips aren't so tight, and my tee shot doesn't need to be so perfect.

In all sports, our mental approach to the game is crucial. Without it, we simply either mosey along passively and never get better, or lose interest and become stagnant. But with the correct attitude towards our golf shots, we see a continued improvement in ability and enjoyment.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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