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Golf and Spring Training

Golfers often ask me: "How do I get prepared for the upcoming season?"

  • One way to keep up with our timing during the winter months is to swing shorter, "weighted clubs". This enables us to keep our swing muscles in shape throughout the season, and it's something that can be done indoors.
  • If you have the opportunity of going on vacation and playing during the winter months, that's always great as well.

Use Golf Exercises

But if you can't get away, I suggest that you exercise during the winter months, focusing especially on the torso and trunk muscles.

Ask your doctor for precise exercises for the lower back, stomach, and torso areas of the body. This will increase flexibility, especially for middle to upper aged golfers. Plus it's beneficial to your health.

Practice Putting

I always suggest having a putting green in the basement, so you can practice six footers and 4 footers year round. This gets you mentally prepared to handle the greens.

Start Slowly

Always play the first couple of rounds casually, with an emphasis on regaining your "feel" in and around the greens. Don't expect to come out as sharp as you left off, but try to regain a fluid tempo.

Get Involved in Charity Events

I always find that early charity events mean less pressure to execute every shot, and provide a fun day at the course. This kinds of event enables you to practice shots, especially when your partner has executed a good shot before you.

Take Care of your Golf Equipment

Make sure that you score and clean the grooves on your clubs, and regrip your irons. And enjoy the season!

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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