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Golf Shoes

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Golf shoes, like shoes in general, have evolved in looks, styling, and comfort. Today’s golf shoes are high tech! They can provide not only a comfortable walk around the course, but luxuries such as temperature control, shock absorption, and traction. The need to accept foot pain while playing is a thing of the past. Golf shoes can even play a role in lowering the golf handicap!

An impressive range of golf shoes are available in the market today from leading brands like Nike and Adidas, with an enormous variety for both men and women. These brands manufacture shoes of the highest quality and are thus a great value for money. Modern features like performance sole and waterproofing can be found in most varieties. A golf shoe’s suitability will also depend on style, color, and design. The most common styles are trainer style and classic shoe style; both are equally comfortable, and their selection should depend on your personal lifestyle. Some prefer golf sandals, which are ideal for golfers with spread toes. You may also opt for shoes in a more feminine, slender variety designed for women.

Buying a good pair of shoes is not cheap, but with proper care you can make them last a long time. Shoes with synthetic uppers can be cleaned with a sponge and warm soapy water. Wipe them after cleaning to avoid trapping moisture. Leather shoes should be cleaned with a dry cloth or brush and polish. Properly storing your golf shoes in a shoe bag or on a shoetree will also increase their life. Finally, limit the use of your golf shoes to the golf course. Avoid pavements, hard surfaces, and dirty areas. Well fitting shoes can be a challenge to find, so preserve them well!