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Golf's Margin of Error

In all of sports, especially those using instruments, or apparatus in order to complete their function, there is a fundamental truth called "The Margin of Error".

This basically refers to a scientific happening that actually measures and allows the athlete to complete his intended task without having to be exactly perfect in his execution.

Measuring a Margin of Error

In horseshoes the margin of error would be the distance between the two legs of the shoe. That distance allows the shoe to wrap around the pin without being exactly centered. In basketball, the margin of error is that you can actually fit two basketballs inside the rim, and that produces a "margin of error" that enables a non-perfect shot to still go in.

Golf's Margin of Error

In golf, the margin of error is very small. So small in fact, that every accomplished athlete in all other sports as well as the entirety of the world's population has had the utmost fascination with the game of golf for centuries past, and we can expect that to continue into the distant future.

20 years ago, the margin of error was so small, in terms of golf club technology, that the opportunity of succeeding to any degree on "errant shots" was so limited that it produced an exacerbated amount of frustration amongst golfers. It left open the possibility of shooting good scores to only a select few, who had the time and ability to practice and maintain a fundamentally sound swing.

Through the years, with the advances of sports science and technology, golf's "Margin of Error" has tripled in size and is directly related to many reasons. Two of the most important are:

1. Golfers are Wearing Golf Gloves

It begins with the basic golf glove allowing the nerves in the hand to transfer feel to the brain, as well as cushion the vibrations of the energy transfer in the correct portion of the hand.

2. The Golf Ball Has Been Aerodynamically Enhanced

When a modern ball, which has its trajectory and flight registered on the box, is hit well it goes further. This is because the ball has been aerodynamically enhanced over the years. This, along with some basic knowledge of the respective golfer's launch angle, allows the appropriate ball to remain airborne longer, and thus produce longer shots.

The synergism that is created between ball technology and a basic understanding of how shafts play a part in launch angle, backspin rate vs. sidespin rate, as well as the kick point of the shaft, enables the average golfer to appreciate a level of success that never before could be reached.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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