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Good Advice for Golfers with a 14 – 18 Golf Handicap

Most golfers who fall in the range of a 14-18 handicap experience days when all goes correctly. On these days, a golfer can have a career day, shooting really low scores and sometimes challenging par.

But typically for these golfers, golfing days will either begin by going very well and ending poorly, or begin poorly and then be followed by a series of well-played holes. Yet still, somehow, the result is scores higher than we expected.

To reduce your handicap, there are 3 general rules of "don't":

1. Don't 3 Putt

Taking 3 putts on any given hole is something that low handicappers almost never do on your average golf course. The reason you might see Golf Pros 3 putt during some tournaments is that the greens they play on are "stimped" to such a high speed that any downhill putt that is missed will ultimately roll to ten feet by the hole.

An average golf course that the average golfer plays on is usually stimped to 9 or ten. This speed of green is manageable and 3 putts should never occur.

2. Don't Feel, Just Putt

Next time you practice, try utilizing some of the putting ideas mentioned in my article concerning pace. If putting becomes more a function of common sense and memory, rather than a function of "feel", it will become easier.

3. Don't Try to Be a Hero

Another typical mistake made by average golfers is that they attempt to make heroic shots when their tee shot is in the trees. The success rate of these shots is so low that they inevitably cost the golfer two and three strokes on just one hole. Giving up 3 shots to par on one hole results in a high scoring round.

For an average golfer like myself, chipping out onto the fairway results in giving up only one shot to par, and provides me with a clear shot to the green. You never know, I might hit it close, or I might make a putt. But the worse that will happen is that my score will be a bogey, and I can live with bogey after a bad tee shot.

On the other hand, turning a bogey into a seven or an eight will ruin a round instantly on one hole.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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