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Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

To play a good shot, a golfer needs a fine pair of golf gloves. Gloves allow a firm grip on the club, and a good pair will also let the hold be soft enough that the club can swing the way it should. Many golfers wear only one, combining a glove grip with a bare-hand grip. Professional golfers agree that good golf gloves are a critical element of the game. The right glove can substantially increase control over your swing and provide the comfort you need to carry on in this patient game.

Gloves are generally available in two materials – leather and synthetic. Leather gloves are comfortable and last longer. Because they can be expensive, many serious golfers will opt for this variety but store a second pair of synthetic gloves in their bag. In rain or extreme heat, synthetic gloves come in very handy as they are better suited to providing a grip in unfavorable weather conditions. These days there is also a third option! It’s a mix of leather and synthetic and as it’s a budget option compared to the full-leather glove. This variety can cater to golfers of all levels. The novelty of these gloves lies in the smart use of material and its cost efficiency: the palm portion and the inside of the fingers are leather to provide grip, while the rest of the glove is synthetic. These provide great protection against bad weather and enhance your game play.

There are other factors to keep in mind when purchasing a golf glove aside from its material. One of these is the right fit. The most common practice is to wear a glove only on the non-dominant hand. So a right-handed golfer would typically wear his glove on the left hand and a left-handed golfer on the right. Therefore it is important that you decide which hand you will need to wear your glove on so you can determine the size accordingly. Lastly, choose the features appropriately: holes for wedding rings, holes for longer finger nails, additional Velcro straps for comfort, attached ball markers, etc.

Buying a good golf glove will go a long way in adding comfort and quality to your game. Nike golf, Wilson golf and Adidas golf are the foremost brands in golf accessories. So make a purchase you won’t regret.