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Golf for Seniors

I'm going to step on my soapbox and state that the senior population would find substantial benefits in golf if senior rates would be lowered for them. I believe many of our seniors would love to go to a place where they would be able to reconnect with society and I offer the golf course as this means.

Benefits of Senior Members

Longtime members enable golf courses to prosper by paying full fees for many years. In return, golf courses should repay our seniors with discounted prices on tee times, as well as providing the benefit of a place for seniors to eat healthy, and possibly mingle and play cards.

There is a golf course in South Attleboro that employed this strategy for many years, serving breakfast to seniors, providing them with early tee times, and a place to socialize and play cards. This golf course never suffered any economic breakdowns, but prospered throughout the various recessions that we have endured through the years.

Ensuring Golf's Future with Golf's Seniors

Golf's future lays in the mindset that the golf course is a haven for life to be both enjoyed, as well as an opportunity to reap the various benefits that this unique game provides - namely, a place to make lifelong friends. A pleasant pastime that provides endless means of conversation. A safe haven, where the community can meet, be social, give back via charity tournaments, and exercise.

Here are some ideas for golf courses to consider:

  • Another set of tees should be added to enable seniors to participate in the game without having to sacrifice any unneeded shots to par
  • A six hole tee time or a twelve hole tee time
  • Free carts, shorter tees, or any advantage that can be provided to restore the love of the game

In the long run, sons will accompany fathers, and fathers will accompany grandfathers. The game will be restored from where it began – and back to where it should be.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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