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Golf Clubs

Golf Club

Golf is an exciting, competitive and very popular sport. The rules of the game are simple: with the help of your special clubs, make as few strokes as possible to sink a small ball into 9 or 18 holes (depending on the course) one after another. Special emphasis is laid on the golf clubs, as most of your game depends on how well you can swing these to achieve your goal. But your swing is not only dependent on your talent but also on the quality and type of clubs that you use. Each golf club is composed of a shaft and a club head, and there is a wide range of options to choose from. Each variety suits a different kind of shot and a different surface. Irons (a type of club head) are the most versatile class.

With the right combination of an appropriate club head and a good shaft, golfers can fully exercise their talent. The most popular varieties of golf clubs are: Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrid-Utility Clubs, Irons, Putters and Wedges. Fairway woods are clubs meant for hitting long distances and are thus very common on larger golf courses. Their long shaft and a large head ensure their performance. Irons, on the other hand, have a flat angled face and a shorter shaft. Irons are suitable for most surfaces and most shots. A similar variety is Wedges, which are high lofted irons. These are used for short distance shots that require great accuracy. When great swing needs to be combined with long distance, Hybrids come in handy. Drivers are used to get full swing and make the ball cover long distances. Finally, Putters are designed with a loft not exceeding 10 degrees; their chief purpose is to roll the ball on the grass.

When buying a Golf Club, you must take into account club head, shaft and grip. Here are a few tips for making a selection:

  • Avoid inexpensive alloy heads. Spend a little more on a club head made of stainless steel.
  • A heel-and-toe club head design with a cavity back is ideal for beginners. You should try and the over sized variety to start with.
  • Beginners should try to settle for a bigger club head as they produce good distance even in difficult terrains.
  • Steel shafts are a good option for mature players. Beginners are better off with graphite shafts, as these are lighter and allow a good swing.
  • All grips in your set should be of the same size and design. This is crucial, as it will considerably affect your performance. Grips are inexpensive so replace them whenever needed.

Now that you understand golf clubs, get out there and practice your swing, because nothing can make up for the practice that this game requires! Once you are sure about the game, buy a Complete Golf Set and make sure to preserve it well.