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A Golf Club's Kick Point

The kick point of a golf club is basically where the shaft flexes first. A lower kick point will produce a "quicker initially higher" shot, enabling golfers with slower swing speeds to achieve almost as much elevation on their shots as successful golfers achieve with their faster swing speeds.

Kick Points for Golfers

Women and Senior Golfers

Typically women, seniors and juniors will benefit more from lower kick points on their shafts.

Average Male Golfers

The average male with a swing speed of 85 mph to 95 mph can usually do well with a midpoint kick point.

This phenomenon of "energy transfer" results best when the shaft is releasing its energy at the exact time that the golfer's wrists are releasing their kinetic energy. This translates into perfect timing and can actually produce 15 extra yards of distance as well as better ball flight.

Experienced Golfers

More experienced golfers, whose mechanics are in good time and fluid, will always do better with stiff shafted clubs, with the highest kick point available. This goes along with a higher swing speed of 95 mph to 110 mph.

The added swing speed bends the shaft and produces a higher level of kinetic energy that will release later in the swing, almost at the impact position. That is when most experienced golfers release their swing.

A slow motion view of Tiger Woods when his club head is about 6 inches near the ball reveals that his wrists and golf swing are still in "delayed motion".

The longer the swing release is delayed, the larger the maximum club head speed. This goes along with the added energy transfer of a shaft that releases its own energy transfer in a delayed manner in time with the golfers swing. All of these forces enable the maximum energy transfer and that is what any athlete wants: Maximum Energy Transfer.

Choosing a Shaft Flex

Junior, Women and Senior Golfers

A basic graph of shaft flex as well as torque would reveal that juniors, women and seniors swing speeds below 85 mph would benefit from a high kick point on the shaft and either a Regular flex or a senior flex, which are shafts that aren't too stiff.

Average Golfers

An average golfer with swing speed of 85 - 95 mph should use a regular flex, with a medium kick point.

Experienced Golfers

The best golfers with a swing speed of 95 to 105 should use stiff flex with high kick point, and pros with speed in excess of 105 to 127 should use X stiff, with high kick points.

Getting fitted with the correct shaft flex to go along with the appropriate kick point enables the respective golfer to achieve the maximum potential out of his golf game and remain within the rules and integrity of the game without having to lie about his scores.

Keep golfing,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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