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Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Golf balls are a crucial element to your game. The quality of the golf ball is vital in determining how a shot will end up, and even a skilled golfer will be less successful if not equipped with the right golf balls. Golf balls come in different varieties to suit different needs.

  • One kind is the two-piece ball made of rubber and plastic. Most casual golfers use this kind, because although their performance is somewhat less than a three-piece ball, they last much longer.
  • Professionals and serious golfers tend to use a three piece-ball. These are composed of a plastic cover with windings of rubber thread. The core of the ball may contain a gel, a solid, or a mixture of sugar and water in liquid form.
The performance of golf balls can be enhanced by the dimple pattern on its surface. There are different patterns in dimple form; some of the most popular are:
  • Icosahedral: 20 identical triangular faces.
  • Dodecahedral: 12 identical pentagonal faces.

Dimples on a golf ball are around 0.15 in. in diameter, and with every additional dimple the flight performance will increase. Other factors such as the depth of each dimple can also contribute crucially to a ball’s performance. Shallow dimples help the ball spin, and decrease its lift. Balls with shallow dimples have a lower trajectory than balls with deep dimples, which fly higher and have a longer trajectory. Deep dimples roll less, whereas shallow ones are known for their spin.

Golf balls are often tested on their performance based on: distance and durability; control and maneuverability; distance and control; slow club head speed. It is up to you to determine the most vital feature for you and select a golf ball accordingly. Golf balls are easily available everywhere. There are many online stores selling golf material including golf balls: these may offer huge discounts of over 40% and great quality. Some of the biggest brands include - Nike Golf, Wilson Golf, and Adidas Golf. Once you have made up your mind as to which one is ideal for you, do your research and find the vendor offering you the best deal.