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Successful Golf at Any Age

Many older golfers get frustrated that they seemingly can't achieve the scores that they achieved when they were younger. We all should take responsibility for the fact that golf, although arguably the greatest game ever, can only be enjoyed when some level of success occurs.

For years we have provided 3 sets of tees that accommodate what was once considered the general populace. In this day and age, I think that those parameters should be tweaked in order to accommodate every age of golfer. My recommendation is to have 6 sets of tees and not just 3.

Here's how I'd label them:

Black Championship Tees

Reserved for special club occasions, this set of tee blocks would provide the longest and most difficult test for the best level of golfer.

Blue Tees

This set of tees would be reserved for golfers who have a handicap index of 14 or below. I would suggest that clubs ask players to only play the tee blocks that they can handle.

White Tees

This would be the "standard men's" tee for the average golfer with a handicap index of 14 or above.

Red Tees

Traditionally this has always been the ladies tee block.

Gold Tees

This would be the "senior tee" and allow for some holes to be played as par 5's rather than par 4's. The shortened course would enable our senior players to enjoy the scoring advantage.

Silver Tees

Children tees, or beginner tees. I would make most of these tee blocks such that the hole becomes a par 3. Maybe the par 5's are turned into part 4's but this would actually enable any golfer to play the course as a par 3 course, as well as allow children to play the course without stopping play.

Certain Play Golf America courses have adopted this format and it is seemingly improving the amount of play that those courses receive. It's certainly my solution to make the game more fun for everyone.

Play golf,

Robert R. LaPorte

"the Golf Nut"

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