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Golf Apparel

Golf ApparelGolf Apparel

Choose golf apparel first for comfort: style is subjective, but comfort is not. Golf is an outdoor game that is popular all over the world, and its players are subject to a variety of weather conditions and terrains. Pay attention to your local conditions, your body type and your personal needs before selecting a garment to play golf in.

Golf apparel can be designed to include many features for comfort and function. For example, garments may be waterproof, water-resistant, wind-proof, wind resistant, breathable, seam-sealed, or critical seam-sealed, and they may have DWR coatings, insulation, or shell.

  • Waterproof: Fabric with a coating or lamination on the backside that does not let water pass through is waterproof. However, simply stitching this coating into a garment can leave gaps. Seam-sealed garments eliminate these holes for a 100% waterproofed and durable garment, allowing you to play without worrying about rain!
  • Waterproofing that does not protect from high water pressure and volume is called water resistance. Water resistant fabrics only have a coating on the outside that tends to wear off with regular use and washing. So you may end up getting drenched after only a few uses.
  • Wind-Proof: A fabric that guards against the wind is windproof. This is a must in cold climates; when cold winds blow, even a warm, thick garment that is no substitute for the protection of windproofing. Wind resistant garments also come in handy in summers and warmer climates. They offer some protection against strong winds but can still keep you cool.
  • Breathable: This is by far the most important comfort feature in any garment. If your local conditions allow for less waterproof and windproof protection, opt for lighter, breathable clothing. If waterproofing is absolutely essential, you may want to look for clothing that is both waterproofed and breathable. This is usually expensive but may be well worth your money.
  • Insulation: This is a crucial element of golf clothing in colder regions. To get the most out of your garment, look for those that are waterproofed, wind proofed and breathable at the same time.

We hope these tips help you select a comfortable garment for yourself. Picking up cool golf apparel doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket: just look around for a great deal.