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Odyssey Backstryke Dart Putter

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Product Description

The Odyssey Backstryke putters are revolutionizing the golf game! Never before have golfers had a more clear view of the putter face, so they can be sure it is square to the ball and in-line with the cup. Thanks to the shaft location, the golfer has a hands-forward position that does not de-loft the club, leading to an upward strike that puts forward spin on the ball. What does this mean for you? More drained putts!

  • Features Odyssey's D.A.R.T.(Direction and Realignment Technology)
  • Stroke-Balance Shaft helps get the putter in the correct motion.
  • Visible Face Alignment allows the golfer to line up putts unimpeded.
  • Forward Press Stabilization helps the golfer get their hands in front of the ball.
  • This results in a better stroke, more true roll, and greater stability.


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