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MEDICUS Vision Tracker Swing Aid

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Product Description

Medicus Vision Tracker ... Swing on Plane!

Medicus Vision Track™ Accuracy Guide. Most golfers are confused about how and where the club moves during the golf stroke. The Medicus Vision Track™  gives the player a clear picture of what SHOULD be happening and almost immediately improves their Swing Plane by simply following the "Alternate Target Line." Highly portable, easily set-up, and is designed to hit golf balls off of, the Medicus Vision Track™gives you immediate feedback on whether or not your stroke is on, or off plane.

  • Alignment , ball placement, & distance guide (feet, shoulders, clubface).
  • Clubhead takeaway guide
  • Eye Positioning - revolutionary technique for building a correct swing path.
  • Promotes keeping head behind ball at impact & swinging through contact area
  • Clarifies swing path as it relates to target line.
  • Practice at home or at the golf course. (Fits in your golf bag).
  • Reversible for Left Handed players.


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