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No longer just a foot covering, golf shoes are the foundation of your swing and stance. is your window to high quality discount golf shoes.

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Adidas A3 3-Stripe Leather Golf Shoe

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Adidas AD Comfort II Men's Leather Golf Shoe

Retail Price: $89.95

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Adidas adiCOMFORT 2 Men's Golf Shoes

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GolfEtail Golf Shoe Tips

How do I choose the correct golf shoe?

Golf shoes are just as vital as any club in your bag. They stabilize you, help you leverage your body against the turf and, most importantly, provide gripping support and comfort to protect your feet for the duration of the round. Today's golf footwear features the kind of technology previously reserved for hiking boots, running and walking shoes and even climbing shoes all wrapped up in one advanced piece of golf equipment. With that in mind here are a few golf shoe tips:

Choosing the proper golf shoe for your game:

  1. Choosing the right golf shoe depends on your feet. Basically, golf shoe or not, shoes must be comfortable to wear and should fit good. Also, the shoes should fit your budget as well as your lifestyle.
    Review Before You Buy!

  2. The best way to pick the right golf shoe is to know your shoe size and your budget. There is no better way to find the right golf shoes than to read reviews of the most popular brands and then make an educated choice as to which golf shoe will be best for you.
    Type of Feet

  3. If you have wide feet and spread-out toes, then you might want to use golf sandals, or look for shoes that have wider soles. Many shoes for golf are built for slender female feet, or average male feet. If you opt for these sneaker-type shoes, you can find it painful to walk around the golf course. Comfort is your first priority in golf, so be sure to pick shoes that will fit your feet perfectly without you cringing as you take that swing.
Golf Cleat Choices

Choosing the correct golf cleats:

Most golf shoes these days come with removable or replaceable cleats, so look for such shoes. Do not feel confined to a single set of cleats: it is good to have spikes for dry days and larger spikes for those rainy, wet slippery days.

How often should you change your golf shoe cleats?

To maximize your performance, we recommend that you check your cleats after every 10 rounds of golf. Most avid golfers should change plastic cleats twice per season. Also, you should note that cleats in certain parts of a shoe wear out faster than in other parts. Keep an eye on the bottom of your shoes to ensure the maximum in traction.