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Golf bags are an important accessory for golfers looking to enjoy their round of golf. Whether it be a stand bag, cart bag, or even a custom golf bag, they can make all the difference in the world! is your window to top quality discount golf bags.

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Adidas AG Tour Staff Bag

Retail Price: $429.99

OUR PRICE: $229.99

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Bag Boy Express 180 3-Wheel Push Cart

Retail Price: $169.95

OUR PRICE: $129.99

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Bag Boy Lady Sapphire Cart Golf Bag, Black / Khaki - New

Retail Price: $150.00

OUR PRICE: $79.99

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GolfEtail Golf Bag Tips

How do I choose the correct golf bag?

Ensuring you have the right bag for all your on-course needs can make your round more enjoyable.


  • Carry bags, also referred to as cold weather bags, are ideal if you do not want to take your full set of clubs to the course or when you hit balls on the driving range. Carry bags do not have stands and generally hold only a handful of clubs, tees and balls.
  • Stand bags are targeted to the golfer who carries his clubs. They feature self-standing legs that pop out when placed on the ground and retract when lifted. Stand bags are more full-featured than carry bags, can hold a full set of clubs and have divider top systems. Stand bags have plenty of storage compartments for you your golf balls and tees.
  • Cart bags are targeted to the golfer who typically uses a riding cart or a pull or push cart on the course. Cart bags contain more features than stand bags, including insulted pockets, valuables pockets, up to 14-way divider systems and external putter wells.
  • Staff bags are the heaviest of the bags and are what the professional golfers use. The typical staff bag customer owns a cart and will keep the bag strapped to his cart most of the time. If you really want to look good in your staff bag get your name embroidered on the front of the bag.

Bag Weight
The weight of your bag is more important if you frequently walk and carry or push/pull your golf bag. Choose the lightest bag that still has all of the storage options you need.

Golf Bag Maintenance

Looking after your golf bag:

One of the best tips for caring for your bags and clubs is to keep them indoors when you're not using them. Many golfers tend to leave their bag in their car trunk or in their garage. But this exposes the bag to drastic changes in temperature and moisture, both of which can ruin a nice bag and set of golf clubs.

Besides just a bag, you need additional equipment to protect your clubs. Many players follow the tip to put head covers on their woods. This protects these big investments from accidental dings and nicks. Some pros even recommend this tip: use covers for your irons and putter during storage, too.

One of the best ways to keep your golf clubs clean during a round of golf is a towel attached to your bag. This tip only works if you remember to actually use the towel! After every golf shot, whether or not the golf club head has a divot stuck to it, give the golf club a good wipe with the towel on your bag.

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